Kornreich & Associates sponsors New Mom & Baby Dorm at Chapman Partnership North Campus

Kornreich & Associates was proud to be a sponsor of the New Mom & Baby Dorm at Chapman Partnership North Campus.

This year, Amber Kornreich, Esq., served as a Carlos Fernandez-Guzman Emerging Leader.

As part of the program, Amber and a group of young professionals worked with Chapman Partnership to beautify a portion of the North Campus which will be designated for new mothers and babies.

The group raised funds, cleaned out the room, painted, repurposed donated furniture, and solicited donations to create a new and fresh environment for the young mothers and babies to reside.

Chapman Partnership provides comprehensive programming and services to 800 homeless men, women and children daily to ensure they get back to self-sufficiency.

Amber previously served on the board of NextGen, the Young Professionals Group, for Chapman Partnership and continues to stay involved with the organization’s mission.

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