graphic featuring ABC Primetime tv segment "Rose v Rose" featuring Gerald Kornreich, divorce lawyer

Divorce Case Featured on ABC News Primetime: The War of the Roses

Gerald Kornreich, founder of Kornreich & Associates, once hosted his own television show called “You and the Law.” But his work in marital and divorce law found a national audience on ABC News Primetime in a segment titled “War of the Roses.”

The ABC News Primetime website described the episode about two litigants: “Michael Rose, 57, is an attorney who has practiced in Miami for more than 30 years. Rona, 36, is a full-time mother and former beauty queen.”

ABCNEWS followed the couple for almost a year, as their bitter divorce became a real life version of The War of the Roses — the popular novel that spawned a hit Hollywood movie, and coined a new phrase to describe the rage of a bitter divorce.

ABC News
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